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Hey There!
I’m so excited to paint with you!
I created Brush Babies to make watercolor painting approachable while giving you a sweet, adorable painting to be proud of and display in your home or office.

How does it work?

Simple and Easy.
You don’t have to be a professional artist to be creative!
Everybody can paint and I’m here to help YOU every step of the way all from the comfort of your home!

1. Select your Brush Baby Box!
In every box, you will receive everything you need to create your very own Brush Baby painting! Including a video link to me painting with you step-by-step.

2. Paint and Create! 
 Everything you need is in every box, including your hand-drawn Brush Baby!
So all you have to do is grab a snack,
a cup of coffee (or insert any favorite beverage here) and start painting!

Upload and share your personalized Brush Baby to the
FaceBook Group Page www.facebook.com/groups/BrushBabies

“I loved being able to do this in my own home at my leisure. I also like receiving everything I need to do the project without having to try to buy it all on my own.”
“It was a relaxing activity that was for me. It was a little bit of self care where I could take that time to work on something but I could take my time. It also wasn’t so time consuming that it was stressful.”
“I was impressed that that this kit gives me what I need to complete the project as well as the brushes, palette, paint, knowledge and confidence to try creating another project too. The Brush Babies are adorable! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, time and talent with me.”




Maggie is currently retired, but worked as a Phlebotomist. Her favorite hobby is Photography and her favorite color is purple. Here is what Maggie had to say about painting Rain, "It was my first time with watercolor. It’s definitely tricky. I learned a lot and it was fun. I was pretty slow, mixing the colors took me a while, so I just paused the video when I needed to. The instructions were very good and easy to follow.❤️"

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